Dedication to Quality and Customer Service

Since 1978, Northland has blended tradition with quality. Located in Rice, Minnesota in the heart of the midwest dairy region, our facility is over 75,000 square feet, and processes more than 2 million pounds of cheese per week. We make customers our top priority, and we are committed to helping you grow your business. Consider us your personal cheese processing plant with the variety and customization to fit almost every need.

Our dedicated cheese consultants will guide you through the process, outlining our unparalleled product, cut, and blend options, and ensuring the cheese you order fits the needs of your business. Our options are endless, and along with our premiere sampling program and private label capabilities, you can guarantee your cheese was made fresh to order. Contact us today to begin crafting your own unique blend.

Why Use Shredded or Diced Cheese vs. Block?

There are many reasons foodservice operators turn to pre-shredded or diced cheeses. However, what most operators see after making the switch is that with our custom blends they can realize the efficiency and cost savings they seek without sacrificing cheese quality in the dish they are serving up to their customers. 

Converting to shreds will save you from having to shred it yourself, clean the shredder, and replace blades in your operation. Our convenient packaging also replaces the need for additional storage bins, where clumping (and waste) can occur. In fact, you will get 100% yield from our cheeses. Over time, this not only will save on labor costs, but will also help you to run a more streamlined operation.

When restaurants shred their own cheese it presents a number of potential safety concerns. First, shredding cheese yourself can, and has, resulted in workplace injuries. Second, by shredding cheese yourself you open the door to many more opportunities for contamination both while shredding and when storing in bins. Additionally, with our cheeses you will see extended shelf life of about 60 days unopened and 5-10 days after opening.

Quality & Consistency
Our unique shredding process allows us to guarantee uniform cheese amounts in blends. No more pockets of one cheese throwing off the recipe. Our shreds are atmospherically packaged  to remove oxygen and ensure freshness, and processed in a manner to reduce clumping and keep the product free-flowing. We also age our sharp cheddar over 6 months for those who are looking for a unique flavor profile.

Overall, these key factors contribute to your bottom line. When factoring in labor costs and waste, you could see savings of up to 7% when switching from block cheese to shreds. Let us help you calculate your potential savings by contacting us today.

Exclusive Brands for Your Exclusive Blend

High quality blends start with high quality cheese. Through Performance Foodservice, we have access to a number of expertly crafted cheeses that are not available anywhere else. Often these cheeses are combined with others to create the perfect stretch on a pizza or unique flavor profile for authentic enchiladas. Learn more about these brands and more available through Northland and Performance Foodservice.